Friday, June 27, 2008

Foster Dog Diaries - Day 7

Here we are at a week. Daisy is now fully integrated with the dogs. This was pretty easy since I learned that she has no interest in them whatsoever.  Her separation anxiety (from me) has kicked in full force and she spends much of the time whining or howling if she is not right with me. The only time she shows any dog aggression is if she is near me or in what she considers her crate. She is possessive more than aggressive if I had to define it.   We are on day three of her homeopathic remedy and I am wondering if maybe it isn't the right one for her.  This was more of an observational post because I haven't figured out which direction to go with her. Certainly she will need a home that either wants to work through separation anxiety or someone who wants a velcro companion. I'd like to see some improvements in this before she is placed. I'll have to think on what the best approach will be for her. Ok, she is crying pathetically at the back door now....

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