Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much love

Ian has discovered a wealth of new found love for me in the last few days. As flattered as I am by the complexity of my little Oedipus, it has manifested in a few choice quotes. He has often addressed me as "sweet beautiful mommy" when he wants something, specifically when my first answer to his request was negative. Combine this with his tendency to abbreviate everything and I often get called "Sweet beauty" or, my favorite, "sweets".

Sunday I hear from the bathroom...

"Come check my bum sweets!" (When he says, "Get me a drink sweets?" I sort of feel like a diner waitress. But when used to beckon me to inspect for poo remnants, I am not really sure what I feel about that.)

Today on the ride home he was addressing me as "Sweet beauty" and I asked him why.

His response:
"Because you are sweet and beautiful. And you get me food." (Mommy Dearest?)

Followed up with a testament as to the extent of his love for me.

"I love you as big as the WHOLE world and all of Florida." ( That's alot! Considering my mommy resume includes ensuring proper bathroom hygiene and providing of sustenance, I think its just the right amount.)