Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keeping Hydrated

I've recently been making a bit of an effort to stay better hydrated. I've never been much of a water-drinker so this is more of a chore than anything else.  But I wanted to blog briefly about my new work-out beverage of choice: fresh coconut water.  This is considered one of the purest forms of water on the planet with an electrolyte profile and composition similar to human plasma, nothing hydrates quite like it. (It has been said that coconut water has been used for blood transfusions during war).  I've been hitting spin class 2-3 times a week.  From my experience, in order for it to be a good spin class, one must leave looking like they just took a shower.  Therefore, hydration is key.  Since starting to bring one bottle of coconut water and one regular filtered well water, I have noticed a marked increase in endurance. I feel like I can push myself harder and have more energy for the duration.  So I highly suggest fresh coconut water from young thai coconuts for all your aerobic activity needs.  If you can't or don't want to obtain fresh water, then there is a product called vita-coco that claims to be fresh and unpasteurized. Not sure if its any good but worth a shot.

Most Whole Foods carry young coconuts in the produce section. For my local readers, Puritan and Genesta in Mystic also carries them. I generally order them by the case (or two) from Whole Foods to take advantage of the discount. I have ordered through P&G, Sandy's Fine Food Emporium in Westerly, and Belmont Market in Wakefield.  And if you do order them be ready to use the meat too....if not, send it my way. I freeze it in 2 cup portions and use it for soups, desserts, smoothies and more! 

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