Monday, March 16, 2009


And no, I am not talking about the pet. Well, ok, same seeds different purpose.  I have read about "chia seeds" on various blogs, in articles, and on message boards. Usually a reference to having Chia seeds stuck in ones teeth. Hmmm, ok. Another type of seed to make a milk out of or throw on a salad perhaps?  So the last time I did a raw food bulk order Chia Seeds were on sale so I bought a bag...not having a clue at how to use them.  

They arrived.

They are tiny.  For some reason, just tossing them onto a salad didn't seem right they were too small. Intimidated by how to use this new ingredient, I tossed them in the pantry closet until I was inspired to experiment with them.  I began searching for recipes online.  I found LOTS of information about Chia seeds and how fantabulous they are. Rich in Omega 3's. Score! I don't eat meat or fish, so these fatty acids usually have to be purposely consumed.  I found a great informational site here.  So if you interested, go and read about them.  Don't worry, I'll wait.

Back?  Ok.  So now that you know they love water and love to absorb water and athletes use them to stay hydrated and apparently warriors survived on just Chia seeds or something like that, so I figure I'll try them.  I made a simple nut milk, sweetened with dates and flavored with real vanilla bean. (Scrumptious, intoxicatingly scented soft, fresh organic vanilla beans from the same bulk order).  Then tossed the chia seeds in.  In 20 minutes, voila!  Yummy, raw vanilla "tapioca" only with chia seeds.  Ian gobbled his up after he added some strawberries that he cut himself.  I mixed some silky carob powder (another experiment the same order) in and added rasberries and enjoyed a chocolate pudding dessert. Delicious.  Ian is already excited for breakfast tomorrow as I am imagining a bowl of chia pudding with fresh berries and bananas and maybe a drizzle of the fresh, local maple syrup we picked up last weekend at Uncle Buck's in Ashaway.

That's if the pudding makes it until tomorrow morning. Good thing its quick and easy to make!   

There are two other new ingredients/products I tried recently and I hope to blog more about Kelp Noodles and Wild Irish Moss soon, so stay tuned.

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