Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Puppy Journal

In an effort to keep me blogging more regularly, I have decided to blog about the litter we are expecting.  I hope to get some other deeper, more thought provoking things on here soon too as lots of thoughts are swarming in my head about the new administration and raw foods, but I don't get to those as often.   

We decided to repeat a very successful breeding of our female Marley (CH Riverroc Three Sunrises Lyceum, CGC, ROM) to her one and only love, Harry (CH Rosendogs He Who Must Be Named).  Marley, it appears, is a monogamous dog. Their romance began as puppies in the class ring and has stood the test of time.  We have tried two other breedings and one was more or less a disaster, producing only one viable puppy (who is wonderful) and the other didn't take.  She wants nothing to do with other males but is completely in love and very will to be Harry's girl. So instead of fighting an upstream battle and considering that the last litter produced three extremely sound and sweet, as well as beautiful, Canaan Dogs including last years National Specialty winner, we decided to just go with the flow.  Marley and Harry together again... So there you have the backstory.

Harry came to stay with us for 2 weeks, during which time the they had 4 successful breedings or "ties."   And right on target this week she has vomited and today refused food. Good signs that she is pregnant.  We will take her for an xray the first week in March to confirm and count puppies and then we expect the little guys sometime in Mid-March.

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