Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be an American

For the first time ever, I am proud to be an American. For the last 8 years its been an embarrassment, and prior to that I was sort of neutral and not really concerned with matters of global importance.

But last night was a historic event that has given me a renewed hope and uplifted my faith in humanity.  We, the American people, as well as the world deserves a thoughtful, intelligent leader with integrity. Something that has been sorely lacking for far too long. I am hopeful that our new President will be able to repair the damaged international relationships and steer this massive ship in the direction of peace and prosperity in a way that serves the greater good of all.   This historic election represents an evolutionary step, a shift in the American conscience. 

The new residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave embody my vision of what it is to be an American family  with strong values, a loving committed relationship, genuine partnership, and a sense of fun. I couldn't imagine a better role model for a healthy marriage.  Has anyone ever seen the current leader acknowledge his wife and life partner, much less show openly his devotion and affection?   I hope our new First Lady makes it her mission to help this country value family. We fail miserably in this area compared to other nations and our children and future deserve better.  I commend Michelle Obama for her unapologetic statement that being a mom is her most important role.  The importance of the feminine role has been blurred and devalued and I think she will help correct that. She's been brilliant so far and her influence is only just beginning.

I can't help but feel moved at the celebration this is for the African American community. This is certainly something that touches their community in a special way.  A dream has been realized. I am proud to be a part of the generation responsible for finally blurring the division of color.  It's a victory for all Americans to have made this leap forward.  

Barack Obama has demonstrated that anyone can be anything they want to be if they operate from the place that allows G*d to work through them.  His success is inextricably connected to Source Energy and his decisions are made with this Higher Good working through him. It is apparent in the most admirable campaign this country has every seen, his interactions with is family, and his demeanor and message.  He has got a long, damaged road that's been left for him to rebuild and I can't imagine a person better equipped to handle it.  While he has the fortitude to apply pressure when and, more importantly, where appropriate.  I believe, he will be instrumental in bringing a message of peace to his work as our President.  

On one of the morning news shows today I think it was Meredith Vieira who said, "He [Obama] reflects light back on all of us."   The time has come for America to be a servant to the Greater Good and a bringer of light.  Darkness cannot live in the presence of light.  Today, November 5, 2008 brings promise of being a brand new, beautiful day. 

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