Sunday, July 13, 2008

Foster Dog Diaries - Day 22: Just One of the Dogs

Daisy is officially just one of the dogs now.  I think she finally has accepted that the dogs are her main companions and that she herself is one.  The whining has decreased significantly and her favorite person has switched from me to Evan. 

She has been nearly perfect and there has been no more shenanigans about being in a crate, or being separate from us. She has developed some independence and is definitely less clingy and needy.  She even laid out on the back deck by herself for about a half hour today while we did things in the house. Not a complaint. This is a huge improvement in three weeks! 

It looks like Daisy has gained some weight because her hip bones are no longer visible and she seems to be building some muscle in her hindquarters.  She is eating well, still very affectionate and very tolerant and gentle with Ian.   I think the last homepathic remedy we chose for her was perfect and it has really helped her over her intense separation anxiety.

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