Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ian's Bedtime Prayer

A while back Ian started waking up in the night from bad dreams. As a simple way to help him set his intention for a peaceful night, I suggested that he pray. At first I helped him but over time he has come up with his own take on things. It's very sweet to hear him say his prayer every night on his own. And he's never woken from a bad dream since!

Holy Spirit*
Please help me to have happy dreams
Make sure the night is short
Take care of all the people I love
Have Fun!

* I generally direct prayerful thoughts to the Holy Spirit as a representation of the non-ego mind. Giving up what I don't know to that which is greater than me. Experience has shown me that when I step out of the way by handing the problem over to the Holy Spirit, I am guided to a loving place/decision/idea that was not apparent before. The path I was searching for is suddenly and clearly illuminated.

My simple prayer that has evolved from something a yoga teacher has taught is:

Holy Spirit
Please (help me to understand/show me the way/find peace with) ......
Because I don't know.

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