Friday, February 6, 2009

Eating again

Pregnant Dog Report: So happy that Marley is eating again, after about 10 days of not really eating.
Dog Show Report: We're off to Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Sunday. Canaan Dogs show on Monday. We're not showing our girl ourselves and are just going to enjoy the show as spectators and cheer on Camber and Vixen. The group competition airs live Monday night on the USA network. Tune in to see if one of our girls is out there!
Yellow Dog Report: Isaac, our oldest dog who will be 11 this year has been suffering from digestive difficulty for the last 2 months. We visited the vet in December and she put him on worming meds, something I usually decline but there is only so much diarrhea one is willing to clean up off the floor before desperation sets in. I don't really think that helped, in fact while taking it he was much worse. She also had us take him off raw food and start feeding him cooked rice and turkey. That also didn't really work well for him and we ended up having to add a whole lot of pumpkin help firm things up. The vet indicated that he would probably need to be on cooked food for the rest of his life because old dogs don't do well on raw. Well, in that one month he lost 6 lbs off his already thinning frame. He went from a too thin 42 lbs in December to an emaciated 36 lbs in January. I started him on a homeopathic remedy and that is continuing. I also switched him back to raw food and am so relieved that he is now back up to 40 lbs (2 weeks later). I started adding some digestive enzymes and probiotics to it. He's still a little gassy but seems to be doing ok for now.

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