Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hello, um, My Name is Renee...

and I am a blogoholic.

Yes, I admit it. I have a complete fascination for reading other people's blogs, the obscure details that they choose to share and usually with a greater sense of humor than I am capable of. It's like a Seinfeld episode when you read a really good one. I find myself hitting my favorite blog spots and feeling utter disappointment to discover there is nothing new to feed my addiction. A month goes by with no new blog and this junkie starts sending hate mail to the author demanding a fix. Ask Keith.

And speaking only to fellow blog junkies, isn't it just fantastic when you get a mention in someone's blog? It could be a casual mention in a blog that is read by 5 people, but hey, it's there. In print. For all the world...or just a handful to read, admire, and envy.

Blogs are a great invention. Everyone can have their little corner of the internet where they are the starring role and others gather 'round to read about their latest trip, their latest meal, or their latest excursion to buy socks....which, if the author is good, can be very entertaining.

Blog On my friends!......I am going to need it when the horrible TV shows that make up the summer line up starts and renders the other "Big Box With Lights" a useless source of entertainment for 3 months.

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